JKX Accelerate


JKX Accelerate is a corporate startup accelerator program where we invest in early stage companies that are building innovative and disruptive solutions for real life problems that have significant scale.

Our goal is to get you through the difficult early phases of building your companies and get you to the point where you have built something interesting enough to raise more funding and get more business partners on board.

The relationships built during our program continue beyond the structured 9 months as we want to build long lasting fruitful partnerships, where we would be in your corner rooting for you as long as you want us to be!


Early Stage

You get vital early stage investment from a blue-chip investor. Up to 7 teams will receive funding of up to LKR 5 million EACH, for a maximum stake of 10% of their company and follow up rounds of up to Rs. 50 million. Not bad for 9 months work!

Training and

You get training on a curated curriculum, business mentorship from experienced corporate leaders and also get access to our corporate services such as legal and finance. Accelerator participants get customized training focused on Growth and Execution, office space and many other resources. 

and Access

You will have direct access to our Group’s businesses, employees and other connections. You could use our customers, channels, systems and data to test your MVP’s and iterate. Attracting customers, investors, and talent is much easier with Sri Lanka’s top conglomerate in your corner.


18th January 2022 (5.30PM Onwards)


Register for an OPEN DAY where we will talk about our Accelerator program in detail and have a fireside chat featuring our alumni along with prominent figures in the startup eco system. We will also take in any questions you have about the program or application process and give you the chance to book a one-on-one meeting with the JKX team prior to filling in the application form. You can use the following link to register as a participant; http://bit.ly/JKXaccelerate
15th February 2022

Applications Close

15th February (midnight) is the last day to submit your application. We hope to select and announce teams on a weekly basis from the 1st of February so applying early ensures that we have sufficient time to read your application and provide helpful feedback which in turn gives you a better chance at being selected.
11th March 2022

Announce Pre-Accelerator Teams

Up to 30 teams will be selected for a 4 month Pre-Accelerator program and an opportunity to enter the accelerator program with seed funding.
March to May 2022


Don’t get ahead of yourself young Jedi, train up first. We’ll guide you through the latest training and support. Connect with the mentors and business leaders each Tuesday as you prepare for Demo Day. Get hands on training from JKH corporate services on important aspects such as legal, finance, etc. Basically, get investor and pitch ready! If you wish, you may also co-innovate and solve challenges that are listed under JKX Incubate sub-program.  
16th June 2022


The big day! Pitch your startup to the panel of judges. Up to 7 teams will be selected for a seed round investment of Rs. 5 million each, for 10% of your startup.
July Onwards

Accelerator Program

Growth and Execution Training - Get customized training from leading international trainers. You will get comprehensive training on setting up your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), Customer Development, Products and Road maps, Building and Managing Teams, Growth, Marketing, Sales, Business Model Selection, Unit Economics, Execution and Planning etc. Funded teams get unparalleled access to John Keells customers and channels to hit the ground running. Don’t underestimate how important your first customers are.
July Onwards

Ongoing Support and Weekly Reviews

We’ll keep checking in with each company weekly, guiding and preparing them for the next big steps in their journey. You will also have access to our network of mentors during this period.
During or After Accelerator Program

Follow on Investment Pitch

Each team gets a chance to present their companies and vision to the JKH board. There’s the potential to earn up to Rs. 50 million in follow-on investment.



Vlad Bodi

Growth Consultant / Mentor

Marius Ursache

Founder & MIT Teaching fellow

Vlad Bodi

Growth Consultant / Mentor

Growth Tribe

Europe's first Growth Hacking Academy

Marius Ursache

Founder & MIT Teaching fellow



Chairman - Asia Securities Holdings

Ramesh Shanmuganathan

Group CIO - John Keells Group

Gihan Cooray

Deputy Chairman & Group Finance Director - Johnn Keells Group


Founder and CEO - Bluestone Capital


Chairman - John Keells Group